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Tales of Tokin’ by Napa Cannabis Collective!

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Latest from the Blog

Vaporization Cartridges Demystified

Cannabis is becoming more normalized in our communities, across the state and even the nation. There is a plethora of cannabis products available on the market today. Which can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time. As cartridges regain popularity, we wanted to share some of our knowledge, tips and tricks. Within our experienceContinue reading “Vaporization Cartridges Demystified”

Imbibe! Be Merry & Bright!

Drinkables are likely one of the easiest ways to consume and control your effects of cannabis. With almost an immediate effect, there is not a ton of lag time to complicate your dosing or your relaxation. Cannabis beverages tend to be more health conscious and are becoming a more normalized and appealing experience.  With aContinue reading “Imbibe! Be Merry & Bright!”

Meet Your New BFF: CBDa

The Overlooked Cannabinoid: CBDa CBD is surely well known and widely accessible. But do you know it’s parent cannabinoid, CBDA? CBDA is the raw and unheated precursor to CBD, Cannibidiol. Over time, CBDA becomes CBD and even faster through heat (known as decarboxylation). This acidic version of CBD is more potent and has more powerfulContinue reading “Meet Your New BFF: CBDa”

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