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Vaporization Cartridges Demystified

Cannabis is becoming more normalized in our communities, across the state and even the nation. There is a plethora of cannabis products available on the market today. Which can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time. As cartridges regain popularity, we wanted to share some of our knowledge, tips and tricks. Within our experience and scope, we see that cartridges are likely among the most mystifying of the many cannabis products available today. 

Cartridges can be crafted in a multitude of ways. Generally such products can be classified by the type of manufacturing and its form of administration. Available in endless forms, from pods, to “carts” to disposable cartridges, the choices are abundant. Here are the three general breakdowns of the aforementioned cartridge type. 

STIIIZY Pods: A Proprietary Product

The pod system is a complete design of two main parts. The detachable cartridge contains the oil and the ceramic heating element which acts as the combustion core of any vape. The cartridge is attached to a rechargeable battery, which can usually be charged with a regular mini USB charger. The components are usually joined together magnetically in current. The design of a pod system is usually compact, slick, and flat like a USB stick, with a similar level of portability. Most pod style cartridges are proprietary to each company, meaning you need a specific battery and a specific pod. Although there are always exceptions! Pro tip: We know from personal experience that ABX Dart Pods mix n match with Moxie Pods! 

Generally the most universal option is the 510 thread cartridge and battery. There are thousands of cannabis companies today in California alone and many of whom make a vape cart and battery. Simply put by Cilicone+, the vape cart is the glass cartridge that is pre-filled with approximately .5-2ml of cannabis oil. The part is a single-use component and manufactured to be connected with a reusable 510-thread vape pen or battery. 

Disposable pens tend to be the best for a visitor or tourist, or someone trying out vaporization.They are typically an all in one, ready to use product with a tank and a battery sometimes fused, other times connected to a reusable battery. Pro Tip: We love Raw Garden’s disposable as its battery can be disconnected from the tank and recharged; we suggest you get  yourself a battery and a disposable by RG and that way you can use the charger for both batteries! 

Ultimately, there is a product and a “sweet spot” for each of us, it just will take both experimentation, effort and money to discover. The more you know about your preferred taste/smell profile, the better as you can help you hone your desired effect more frequently, even if you aren’t able to buy the same strain or cartridge in a specific strain more than once. Strain variety is awesome and affects us all differently, so we encourage y’all to give the abundance of varietals (strains) a chance, to best hone your smell and manufacturing preferences which will allow you to get more out of your cannabis and your life! 

Choosing your cannabis cartridge based on your desired outcome or effects is generally the best rule of thumb to follow. While a cartridge boasting 95% or 99% may look enticing and super awesome, that just means it is lacking in aroma and flavor and specificity in its effects, due to lack of terpene preservation. Products with high THC contents like that are typically a distillate and lacking the waxes, flavonoids and terpenes that offer the variety and indica or sativa leaning effects. A distillate is a highly concentrated and one dimensional form of oil extraction.

ABX Blackberry Kush Cartridge 510 Thread

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