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Imbibe! Be Merry & Bright!

Drinkables are likely one of the easiest ways to consume and control your effects of cannabis. With almost an immediate effect, there is not a ton of lag time to complicate your dosing or your relaxation. Cannabis beverages tend to be more health conscious and are becoming a more normalized and appealing experience. 

With a very saturated drink market, we are bubbling over with almost TOO many brands to explore and choose from. Yet, do not fear! We are here to share what we have been enjoying most, in hopes to help you try them out and spread some holiday cheer. 

House of Saka SPARK

House of Saka has crafted some of the best and most luxurious products on the market to date.Using a “proprietary THC:CBD formulation, House of Saka’s Vinfusions were developed utilizing the most advanced nano-emulsion technology available today. This technology, in which cannabis oil is broken down to microscopic, water soluble and self-homogenizing particles, allows for immediate absorption through the mouth and stomach lining for rapid onset.”

Spark Mimosa combines premium, alcohol-removed sparkling Chardonnay with a Mimosa Strain-specific live resin emulsion and natural essence of orange blossom and tangerine. Sourced from California’s cool, coastal vineyards, Saka Spark is unlike any infused beverage available today – an elegant and refreshing twist on a classic. 5mg of live resin Mimosa per bottle.

White – is handcrafted from white varietal grapes grown in select vineyards within California’s iconic Napa Valley. WHITE offers mouth-watering aromas of ripe peach, apricot and toasty oak combined with rich, buttery vanilla and tropical fruit flavors balanced with mild acidity and a long, pleasing finish. Crafted from Chardonnay grapes. 40mg THC and 8 mg CBD per bottle.

Pink – House of Saka Pink is handcrafted from grapes grown in select vineyards within California’s iconic Napa Valley. Reminiscent of beverages that have made this region famous, Pink offers subtle aromas of red fruit, honeysuckle and spring flora. Pleasing flavors of fresh strawberry and elderflower bath the palate followed a bright, citrus finish. Crafted from Pinot Noir grapes. 40mg THC and 8 mg CBD per bottle.

CANN – defines itself as the “social tonic.” Its intentions are to offer an uplift or buzz that is curated for a feel good time without the hangover the following day. With all natural ingredients and low in calories these CANN’s are a treat for weeknights and weekends alike that you will not regret. Varying flavors we have carried include: Lavender Lemon, Ginger Lemongrass, Blood Orange Cardamom, Grapefruit Rosemary and Pineapple Jalapeño. 

CANN claims cannabis drinks will be the way of life for socializing and replace drinking alcohol in the near future. Each “CANN” has 4mg of CBD and 2mg THC. Available in 4 packs, 6 packs and Roadies: 8 single servings! 

KHEMIA – Zen Sips each with a unique flavor profile paired with legacy grown cannabis! 

Chakra Chai CBD 6:1 Drink Mix 10MG
Clear your chakras one sip at a time. Our Chakra Chai is a gift to yourself! Chai has a wonderful aroma of cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger that entices scenes. We stepped it up with CBD and THC to enhance your relaxation. Just the smell will start turning your chakras! Just add your choice of milk and you will be sipping your way to a beautiful day. Khemia takes pride in everything they do, our drinks are vegan, gluten-free, no added sugars, and low-calorie!

Mango Mantra – 10mg THC
Don’t just say your mantras, drink them! Khemia’s Mango Mantra Zen Sip is a daily way to celebrate how great you are! Enjoy a Mango Mantra poolside, at a barbecue, or a night out with friends. All of our Zen Sips are sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan. Pop it in a pretty glass of sparkling water, stir, and enjoy in style- but without the consequence of a hangover or unnecessary calories!

Cosmic Cocoa – 10mg THC 
WARNING! Cosmic Cocoa will send you out of this world! With 10mg THC and a rich chocolate flavor, you don’t just drink it, you experience it! Khemia wants you to experience everything in your own way. Our drinks are vegan, gluten free, no added sugars, and low calorie. Just add your choice of milk to create the experience YOU desire.

Rebel Coast – Alternating flavors – 10mg THC 
Crack into the light, crisp taste of cannabis-infused sparkling water. They blend fruits, sparkling water and THC for an easy, drinkable cannabis experience. Each can has 10mg of THC, with zero calories, zero carbs, and zero sugars. And zero alcohol means zero hangover!

With the Holiday season comes extra stress but with proper self care and fortification on hand, there is nothing you can’t do! Drinkables are a great, easy and palatable way to ingest and feel better, at any given moment. So cheers friends, we drink our cannabis wine and seltzers to your health, wealth and joy!

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